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For diners


Making a reservation has never been easier. You can visit the restaurant’s website, facebook page, www.table37.com, or download the Table37 iPhone or Android smartphone app to make a reservation at endless restaurants in your area..


Table37 offers a unique waitlist feature that allows you to add yourself to the restaurant’s waitlist right from the restaurant’s app home page. You no longer have to fight your way through a crowd to get to the hostess stand.


Get the V.I.P. treatment and use the “check-in” feature while everyone else waits in line at the hostess stand.


No more carrying around those dirty bulky pagers or straining to hear the hostess call your name. It’s as easy as receiving a text message from the hostess when your table is ready. Now you can spend your time sipping at the bar or browsing shops next door without worrying about being out of pager range and losing your table.

// Using the Smartphone App

Find a Restaurant

Having trouble finding the perfect restaurant for your special occasion? No problem! Find exactly what you’re looking for with our app. Just click the “Find a Restaurant” button on the home page of the smartphone app. Here you will be able to search restaurants by:

  • Current location
  • Specific date and time
  • Metro area
  • Restaurant name

After selecting your location, date and time, and party size you will be given a list of restaurants that fit your criteria. If you do not select a date and time, you will be given a full list of all restaurants in the area for you to browse.

My Reservations

The “My Reservations” feature allows you to view all of your current reservations. Just choose a reservation and you can “check-in,” make changes, invite friends or even cancel the reservation.

My Favorites

The “My Favorites” feature allows you to easily access your favorite restaurants with a click of a button. Instantly view your collection of tried and true restaurants without having to sort through the endless possibilities.

My Account

Don’t fret. We will not share any of your personal information with any outside companies or services. After downloading the app you will be asked for some basic personal information, including name, cell phone number, and email. The information you provide will be used to confirm your reservations.

The cell phone number you provide will be used to receive text messages indicating your table is ready. Smartphone users will receive a push notification instead of a text message when their table is ready.