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Table37 is the newest innovation in restaurant applications. Allow your business to grow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use Table37 to maximize your dining service, avoid the frustration of double booking reservations and optimize your diners’ experience at the hostess stand.

// Primary Features


Table37 is an iPad application that allows you to have complete control over the number of reservations you book by customizing your reservation templates down to 15 minute time slots. With this system, your diners will have the ability to see your availability and make reservations in real time via the Table37 webpage and the Table37 smartphone app, your website, and your facebook page. All reservations will appear immediately on your iPad, keeping you continually updated and prepared to maximize your service.

Wait Lists

The Wait List system allows restaurants to keep track of all walk-in diners. Restaurateurs will have the option of allowing diners to add themselves to the waitlist via their smartphone app. This feature allows for less crowding at the hostess stand, letting diners enjoy their wait-time at the bar or outside.

Table Management

Maximize your service quality and efficiency with our Table Management System. This system allows the hostess to view occupied and available tables, assign dining parties to their table, as well as easily create management sections for the wait staff.

With our “drag and drop” feature, you can quickly and easily create a master floor plan or multiple floor plans for all your dining areas.


No more running around your restaurant yelling out people’s names or having to deal with lost or stolen pagers. The paging system allows you to replace those dirty, old, costly pagers of the past and take advantage of today’s technology by sending a text message to any cell phone or smartphone user. Now, your hostess stand will be free of clutter and diners waiting for their tables, allowing them to mingle and enjoy your bar amenities instead.

// Additional Features

Diner Notes

Provide the best experience for your loyal diners with our “Customer Notes” section. A distinguishing feature of the Table37 system, this gives the restaurant the ability to add any information about that diner. Especially useful for dedicated diners, your restaurant will stand out for exceptional service every time you recall their spouse’s name, or cater to their special dietary needs and requests, or favorite dishes.

Social Media Integration

Have you ever thought of accepting reservations via facebook? Well with Table37 you can. With over 800 million users it would be a shame not to tap into this established market. Using Table37’s facebook widget you will be able to seamlessly add a “Reservations” section to your facebook page and start taking advantage of all the facebook users out there.

Smart Phone Application

With over 90 million smartphone users in America this is a target market that is at your fingertips. The smartphone application for both iPhones and Androids allow diners to search for your restaurant, see reservation availability, and make reservations faster than ever before. Be one the hottest restaurants in town with Table37’s innovative reservation system!

Reservation Confirmation System

With Table37 you can send out “Reservation Confirmations” to each person that has a reservation. When a diner confirms their reservation it will show up on the iPad app at the hostess stand, keeping your continually updated and ready to provide the best service to your diners.

Statistical Analysis

The Table37 system will help you track valuable statistical information. This system has the capability of tracking average wait times and table times for each time period in the day. You will also be able to survey how many reservations and walk-ins there were by day and time. Having this information will help you to adjust your marketing efforts in the most cost effective way.

Demographic Information

Very few restaurants have detailed demographic information on their diners. Diners who use the Table37 app to make a reservation or add to the waitlist at your restaurant will automatically provide you with this valuable information. You will know how far your diners traveled and the average age of your diners, allowing you to come up with precise marketing strategies that will best serve your diners and your business.